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Thread: Can I bring in Aspirin??

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    Default Can I bring in Aspirin??

    Haven't found an answer for this....I know they try (and mostly fail) to keep people from trying to get drugs and stuff in...but if I just want to bring some legit aspirin that gonna be a problem?

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    They're only concerned with illegal drugs... I've never had any issues bringing a wide variety of over-the-counter medications. If you're really that worried, buy your aspirin in a blister pack (the kind where each pill is individually packaged), or get name-brand aspirin in an unopened container, so that it's REALLY clear you're not trying to smuggle anything in.

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    YES YOU CAN BRING IT IN. They also sell it inside.
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    On the Coachella Festival Info for 2012, it doesn't list that you cannot bring in aspirin etc., but last weekend, security made me throw out my small (they were in the original marked packaging) bottles of aspirin, motrin and tylenol plus a few claritin allergy pills that were in blister packs on the first day into the festival. I just keep those items in my purse since I get headaches. It was a big bummer since that stuff is not cheap, plus they had me throw them in the trash which is not environmentally friendly!!

    If you need aspirin or other non prescription meds, I suggest taking them before you get to the security gates.

    *oh, and they only sell advil and benadryl inside. they don't have regular aspirin.
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