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Thread: Car camping pass valid ONLY with FIRST wristband to arrive?!

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    Question Car camping pass valid ONLY with FIRST wristband to arrive?!

    This is kinda stressing me out.

    I bought 4 wristbands and 1 car camping pass. Two people are car camping, two are not. If my friends who are not car camping arrive earlier than I do (without the car camping sticker), does that make my car camping pass invalid?!

    Sounds like this is the case, according to what I found on the website:
    Please note: Camping passes are non transferable by themselves. They will only work when scanned with the festival pass it was ordered with originally. If you bought multiple festival passes and one camping pass, the camping pass will only be valid with the first one from your group that arrives. This is to help thwart scalping of camping passes and making camping available to actual onsite campers.
    I REALLY hope this isn't the case, I don't want any nasty surprises when I get to the festival!

    Thanks in advance for any help with this question!

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    Default Re: Car camping pass valid ONLY with FIRST wristband to arrive?!

    Any word if this is being enforced or not?


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