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Thread: Companion Parking Will Call at Tennis Garden?

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    Default Companion Parking Will Call at Tennis Garden?

    Stupid question that I already know the answer to: I had to order a companion parking pass for my idiot friends who wait till the last minute to plan anything. Frontgate said the parking pass will be at Will Call. I'm guessing that means the Indian Wells Tennis Garden? So now I have to go even further out of my way so these morons can eat my food and drink my beer all weekend...

    How about when they arrive at the parking lot? Do they need the companion pass to get into the lot?

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    Default Re: Companion Parking Will Call at Tennis Garden?

    Yes. They will not be allowed into the Companion Parking lot w/o their Companion parking sticker. You will have to make another trip offsite (or at least at the Companion lot entrance) to meet up with them and give them the sticker. I had to do this last year. What a pain in the mother fucking ass!!!! And I was in lot 10, the farthest lot from the Companion Lot.

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