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Thread: Heckle The Airplane Boys

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    Quote Originally Posted by cansei de ser sexme View Post
    There are like 100 people tops haha.
    I think you're being too generous here - the turn out was abysmal.
    Quote Originally Posted by roberto73 View Post
    I'd contribute to this discussion but I'm still busy reminiscing about the halcyon days of punk. You know, the mid-90s.
    Quote Originally Posted by getbetter View Post
    poor spook poop

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    That was the epitome of bad scheduling. Mojave overflowing for Gotye (although half of the crowd left after they heard the radio song), and NOBODY next door at Gobi.
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    I saw them; i am more pissed at who got left off the bill because of them.

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    Nachos? I'm there. Even if I have to pay. Hold the crappy white rapper dj music though plzzzz I'd be pissed if New Pants got left off the bill because of these guys. Seriously... these guys couldn't fill a bar with their best friends and free cover

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    Minutes before they started there were still more empty spots on the rail than full. When they hit the stage they had the volume at insane levels for such a small turnout and it was drowning out the the very sizable Gotye overflow trying to hear/see anything.

    Not quite as bad as Electric Touch last year, but crowd was VERY small. Curious to see what happens this Sunday.

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