I'm always meeting or seeing weird people at bars and would like to hear some other peoples experiences. Please don't make up a funny story.

So heres one from last Sunday. I hade 3 friends from LA come to Florida for the Winter Music Conference. Sunday was there last day and one of the girls went stayed at my house and slept the week off, another went to Miami to dance and Brian and I went drinking at Brus. While at Brus these girls gorgeous girls sitting right next to us asked us if we wanted a pierce nipple shot. We were confused on what that was but said sure. They order it (i forget whats in it but that's not what matters). They said they will take theirs first and then fix ours up next.

So they both lift up their shirts showing off their chest put their shots to pierced nipples and shake the shot. Lift the shot up and cheers, still exposing themselves, then drink....still exposing themselves. They walk over in front of us and ask if we are ready for the shake.......still exposing themselves. I said I'm ok (Cindy was just giving me the look of hate so I couldn't do it) but Brian said sure. They mix his shot up and he takes it.

Then as the night goes on and we start talking I find out they work at this local bar I've heard about...so I had to put them to a test. I took out two dollar bills and folded the top halves of each down to the bottem half and set the bills on the bar. The both lifted up their shirts again and picked up the bills with their chest and took it off their chest with their mouth.

The night went on and they kept doing their nipple shots...I couldn't really pay attention because Cindy was there....but next time I see them I'll see if I can take pics

now share some stories