Hey! My girlfriend Sherry and I won tickets through KROQ and we're super excited to be going this year! Though when you win tickets its just the tickets and no camping or parking passes. So we've been exploring options on how we're getting there and where to stay. We'd love to get there thursday before 8pm if possible. More chances to get VIP upgrades! We have some great ideas for decorating the car for carpoolchella if you're interested. VIP and tickets for life sounds pretty awesome to me! But yeah a little about us: we're artists and videographers who live in San Clemente (Orange County) at the moment. I spend my days doing graphic design work and making music. We're super easy to get along and love meeting new people. We'd love to find at least 2 others we could ride with so its a legit carpool but are open to other situations! We can drive to you if you happen to have a place we can park for the fest. We'll split gas and have a good time. Also we're still trying to figure out a camping situation and would definitely be interested in sharing your space if you have room! Message me and let us know whats up! We'll take it from there! Peace!

Kevin Cash