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Thread: VIP Driver and 2 GAs in VIP Parking?

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    Default VIP Driver and 2 GAs in VIP Parking?

    I'm driving a couple of my friends to the festival. I have a VIP pass and both of them have GA passes. Can we all park in the VIP area, or shall I count on parking in a non-VIP lot?

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    Default Re: VIP Driver and 2 GAs in VIP Parking?

    It's fine. They just have to walk around to the GA entrance.
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    Default Re: VIP Driver and 2 GAs in VIP Parking?

    I'm pretty sure all people must have a VIP pass to get into the VIP parking.
    VIP Parking is sold separately and located adjacent to the festival grounds. Everyone arriving in the car must also be wearing their VIP festival pass in order to access the VIP parking lot. If you purchase a VIP pass you will be given the option to purchase VIP parking for that same weekend while supplies last. If you already purchased a VIP pass, contact Front Gate via phone to add one to your existing order while supplies last. 888-512-SHOW

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    Womp womp, so much for that. Thanks.

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