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Thread: Max Amount of Alcohol Allowed at Gate?

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    Default Max Amount of Alcohol Allowed at Gate?

    I am trying to get a gauge on what I can bring in my car to the car-camping spots. I have read a few different posts, but I am still not 100% clear on it.

    I read something about being allowed to bring a 24-36pack per person that is in your car. Is this true? And no glass containers are allowed, but are plastic handles permitted?


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    Default Re: Max Amount of Alcohol Allowed at Gate?

    From the FAQ:

    Can we bring alcohol?
    Reasonable amount of beer (limited to 1 case of beer per person) (NO KEGS, NO GLASS, NO LIQUOR), for personal consumption only (NO VENDING), by folks who are of legal age (21), will be permitted to be brought onto the camping areas (not concert area). If, however, in the security's judgment it appears that the amount of alcohol is excessive for the number of persons in the vehicle, or if anyone in the vehicle is under 21 years of age, the organizers reserve the right to deny entry of the vehicle and/or confiscate the alcohol. Kegs may not be brought onto the property. Please keep these things in mind and be sensible about how much you plan to bring in. Beer will be available for purchase on the concert field. Yes, boxed wine is ok to bring, too.
    Get creative if you want to bring in liquor. And generally a 30pack per person is pretty reasonable. Theyre not going to be counting each beer can.
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    Default Re: Max Amount of Alcohol Allowed at Gate?

    If your search failed, go ask Trick before everyone hates you for making a nothing-new thread.

    Sorry I can't answer your question.
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    Default Re: Max Amount of Alcohol Allowed at Gate?

    I read this thing about storing your beer earlier... seemed kinda cool.

    "We all know there’s nothing quite like cracking open an ice cold can of beer at a festival. Watching the condensation run down the side; the feel of cold metal against your hand; the cool liquid bursting to get out and that delicious first thirst quenching mouthful.

    To help make sure every beer you drink at Oxegen feels like this, Heineken are installing giant Cold Rooms in the campsites for you to check in your Heineken cans to be chilled to perfection in only 90 minutes for free!

    When you arrive at Oxegen, keep an eye out for our team who will be on hand with wheelbarrows to carry your Heineken to the closest Cold Room location, if you don’t come across them, don’t worry, you can drop in up to a crate yourself anytime throughout the festival till 2AM. Remember there will be no cans for sale at the Cold Rooms, so you can bring your own from any off licence near or far.

    90 minutes is all it takes for your Heineken ready to be served extra cold. Your fingerprint will be your receipt which means no one else can get your chilled Heineken. You can collect your deposited cans from 12pm to 2am all weekend long from the same cold room location they were deposited in

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    Default Re: Max Amount of Alcohol Allowed at Gate?

    guess Heineken will be for the weekend.

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    Default Re: Max Amount of Alcohol Allowed at Gate?

    Man, why are people fronting on the Heiney? it could be so much worse!

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