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Thread: Weekend 1: 3 Passes, 1 tent camping, 1 car camping

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    Default Weekend 1: 3 Passes, 1 tent camping, 1 car camping

    Hello Everyone,

    Due to the large size of our group, we had several people drop out at the last minute.

    We have 3 Weekend 1 passes. However, one pass MUST be sold with car camping, and one pass MUST be sold with Tent Camping. There is a third that does not have any others attached to it.

    We have the receipt, they're still in plastic, and we will provide plenty of contact info so that we may assist you should something go wrong (we will be right there partying with you!). They're unregistered, and we have the original boxes for the wristbands with camping passes.

    We are located in Pasadena, and unfortunately cannot travel to meet you. But, we will certainly do our best to get your passes to you ASAP!

    Cash or Paypal works for us

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    Default Re: Weekend 1: 3 Passes, 1 tent camping, 1 car camping

    I know this doesnt exactly get rid of a pass but I would love to buy the car camping pass, i have a weekend one wristband and if you would accept a trade i would pay you face for the car camping!

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