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Thread: 2 Weekend 1 passes for sale - face value

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    Default 2 Weekend 1 passes for sale - face value

    Just for you, lucky buyer!

    This is my first ever Coachella (although I've been to 5 Bonnaroos, Vegoose, 2 Lollas, and a handful of other festivals- you can find me on inforoo to see I'm legit), and I have 2 extra Weekend 1 tickets from friends who backed out. I'll sell them at face value to whomever wants them. I'm flying from Knoxville, TN to LAX on Thursday. A group of 6 of us is meeting up there and driving together (2 of them live in CA). We can meet up and exchange money en route from LAX to the festival on Thursday, if that works for you. Face value is $330. PM me on here or on inforoo (NotMitchelBade there too) and we'll exchange phone numbers to meet up.

    Super pumped for this weekend!


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    Default Re: 2 Weekend 1 passes for sale - face value

    I know it's lame to bump your own thread, especially on your second post, but I do want to sell these wristbands... so I bumped it anyway. Hit me up!

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