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Thread: Looking for weekend 1 camping group

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    Default Looking for weekend 1 camping group

    Hello everyone,

    I'm a 25 year old guy from Seattle looking for a camping group to join for weekend 1. I'll be flying in Thursday evening and leaving Monday morning. I'm respectful and looking for a fun weekend (I hope everyone going is!). As an indicator of taste and potential personality mesh, my five must-sees are Refused, Radiohead, The Shins, Snoop, and Justice. I'll have my own transportation from the airport, but I'm not sure how many supplies I'll be able to pick up on the way. I'll get what I can though, and contribute what I can (booze, food, and a few off-color jokes).

    Send me a PM if you'd like to chat a bit and find out if I'm someone you'd like to experience Coachella with.

    Thanks for checking me out,

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    Whats up Alex my names Art im going to be car campn have asked a few people if they whould like to stay an party but have got a hole lot of mabes, hit me up if you whould like to my email is, hope to have a kick ass time an meet some new friends

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