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Thread: Santa Barbara/UCSB

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    Any Santa Barbara/UCSB people camping?

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    I am from Santa Barbara and will be camping.

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    me too... there are about 6 of us going

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    Oh hello fellow Gauchos...

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    I'm from Dos Pueblos and it's likely I'll need to camp seeing as no one's been able to let me crash in their hotel room yet.

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    i am from UCSB and am camping and need people to camp with! anyone got tent space left? i will pay for my spot and all. i am from england and so its my first american festival! im very excited! or if anyone needs to get tents and stuff we'll go halves and buy it and get organised that would be cool too. would love to camp with UCSB students-if anyone has tent space please email me at
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    hey i go to UCSB and i am going, but camping at another nearby spot. i was just wondering is ANYone has any extra room in the car im screwed right now

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    UCSB, but not camping. I'm driving down on Thursday.

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    yep Im camping. I got some friends with big ol tents so I think if you were looking for tent space we would need more people. As is I have a little backpack tent that I am planning on using

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