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Thread: Weekend 2 - Offering Ride from Vegas to Coachella & back.

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    Default Weekend 2 - Offering Ride from Vegas to Coachella & back.

    Departing Sin City Thursday 4/19 approximately 10am. Returning back to Vegas Mon 4/23. Campsite tear down approximately 8am.

    Be at the roof of the M Casino's parking garage (right at first isle) by 9:45am & don't have too much stuff pls!!! I have a 2001 Nissan Xterra with space for 2 more people. You are expected to help pay for gas. You will be riding with two very chill Coachella Vets.
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    Default Re: Weekend 2 - Offering Ride from Vegas to Coachella & back.

    Hey I would like to join up with you. My friend cancelled on me and I am kinda scrambling to make new plans. Trying to replace my friend, or will go solo. This will be my third 'chella '04 and '10. Let me know. Chipping for gas & supplies is not a problem. I am cool, 37, white long-haired music fanatic...

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