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Thread: Need a spot to camp? We have room, weekend 1

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    Default We have room in camping , weekend 1

    What's up,
    I have room in my camp spot to share with a few people
    Heading there with a group of 4 cars and the plan is to park/camp adjacent to each other.
    But there's room in my spot, and it's always fun meeting new people at coachella so just looking to help out anyone in last minute need.
    If interested just shoot an email with some info about yourself and your plans for coachella weekend1
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    Default Re: Need a spot to camp? We have room, weekend 1

    May also have room for 2 people in car ride

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    Default Re: Need a spot to camp? We have room, weekend 1

    I need a ride

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    Default Re: We have room in camping , weekend 1

    Hey, I am from Vancouver, Canada and still in need of a campsite to join. I already have a ride from LAX to Coachella and should arrive around 5pm on Thursday. And I will have a small 2-man tent with me.

    I work as an actor and lighting designer - mostly in live theatre - some film and tv stuff. I'm also into all sports and will be bringing my hacky sack. This is my first Coachella! So many bands to see in so little time. Can't wait. So if you want one more cool relaxed dude to hang with, I'm your man.

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