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    How much food and alcohol do they allow us to bring in to camp?

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    Alcohol is a case per person, no glass... I wouldnt bring too much food, you cant bring it in the festival and last year we saw a lot of people throw away a lot of food.
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    unrelated, yet related...I can't believe O'neill Park camping in Trabuco Canyon is dry not allowing booze.

    To the question, think it was a case a person or something last year. I just brought pistachio nuts and tangerines from the cooler for snacks and ate lunch/dinner inside.
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    Usually a case per person...answer is usually in FAQ's

    Food, depends. Non perishable stuff is best with some fruit. Years ago I used to bring my own burner to cook food, but I found it a pain in the ass with cleaning stuff and keeping the food hygienic. Pretty much a cooler full of fruit is what I do. Maybe some cereal. Just get the shuttle to the grocery store every day if you want variety and freshness.

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    Default Re: Food and Alcohol

    There's also a farmers market on site.

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    You can get by with more than a case per person if you're smart about it. It also says no liquor but I've brought in the plastic handles with no troubles at all.

    As food goes, I just bring snack foods for the camp site. The farmers market has a ton of stuff and there are some pretty good breakfast burritos made over there that aren't that expensive.

    Or you could just do enough drugs to curb your appetite. That way you can skip the bathrooms while you're there as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jennyvee1 View Post
    How much food and alcohol do they allow us to bring in to camp?
    i would pack the beer, water and gatoraid. hard liquor if thats how you get down
    and when it comes to food i would pack easy light shit>>a few apples and peaches is what i bring, chips, granola bars, stuff like that.

    if this is your first you will see a slice of pizza gets you a long way when your doing all the drinking of beer and water, walking out in the sun in shit. point being you wont need 3 well balanced meals and you wont miss it.

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    Related ?:
    Where does one buy those gatorade packets at? I've been to Fry's, wal-mart, and I ain't finding it.

    On subject:

    You really can't go wrong with your basic fruits, gardettos, trail mix, etc.
    Never really had a slice a pizza at a festival, but i've heard spicy pie is a must at festivals.
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    its a must b/c ppl consider it a staple at all the festivals.
    ive spicy pie at austin city limity, outside lands and coachella

    GNC has some better for your body packets...these actually give you a small boost of energy
    they are those gel packets and they are like 1.99
    their great.

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    I bring a portable camp grill every time I go. You're forced awake so early every morning in the campgrounds that there is ample time to cook a decent meal for yourself and others as well as cleaning it with time to really pregame for the fest. Granted the extent of my cooking stopped at hot dogs and breakfast burritos, if you want to get fancy good for you. Having a big breakfast meant more energy to burn on drugs at night. If you want to save money and avoid lines I highly suggest bringing a good amount of food but nothing that you wouldn't be comfortable bringing back or giving to some friends, don't want to waste.
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