i'll be driving out thursday night to meet up with some friends who are in a house literally two blocks away from the venue. unfortunately i wont be able to park at the house due to all of the parking restrictions which is totally understandable. i do have a companion parking pass, so i plan on dropping by the house to unload my stuff, then driving my car to the companion parking lot where it will stay until monday morning.

my question is since i'll be coming during the major thursday nite migration, am i going to have to wait in the same lines as the campers and have my car searched even though i wont be entering the camping area at all?

reason i ask is last time i camped (clusterfuckchella 2010) was a freakin nightmare. with mostly volunteers handling the lines of traffic VERY poorly, and nobody had any idea where to send us, one person would say companion parking was closed, one said it wasnt, another didnt know wtf i was talking about, finally i found the right lot by chance and everything worked out. it was just kind of lame having to wait 2-3 hours in line with people who were car camping just to have my car searched even though i was very clear to everyone we asked along the way that i was not bringing my car into the camping lots. we were then searched on foot again when entering the camping area (which made sense but was a bit infuriating after going though all that).

so anyone park in the companion lot last year? do they have a separate route in for companion parking or do you at least get to skip the vehicle search? i know 2010 was a horrific year logistically and im optimistic that they made some improvements last year to streamline the process a lil, just trying to get an idea of what to expect