Hello, senior film student here; in my last quarter at college I am taking a documentary class where we are to produce one short documentary over the course of a quarter.
We are encouraged to film as subject that is personal to us, one that we are emotionally invested in.
As a 7 time coachella veteran, I figured that the campgrounds would be a unique place to set my documentary.

I want to shoot most of my project as a observational documentary, just showing unplanned events as they happen.
however, I do want to include some interviews with people in the camp grounds.

I will be attending weekend 1 and want to hear YOUR unique coachella stories. which could include things like:
Traveling a long distance to go to coachella.
Quitting a job so that you could attend.
Overcoming any extraordinary circumstances which led up to your arrival.
Meeting a significant other at coachella.

Do you have an epic campsite setup? I want to see it

Do you have any great stories about the fest this year? I want to hear it.

I also want to hear things about why you love coachella/ and the campgrounds. and what makes it such a special and magical place.

Anyway, If you are interested in sharing your stories or want to be interviewed, let me know via PM and we can talk more and coordinate about meeting at the festival

Thanks, Dylan