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Thread: Bay area to coachella weekend two

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    Hey my name is Alexis and I will be leaving with my friend buck Thursday morning to mid day to go to coachella. We r 20 years old and have friendly personalities. We are chill and slack with sharing the radio and such. We have room for two people. We can pick u up on the way or you can start from the bay area with us. Message me if your interested

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    In SF - message me if it'll work out easily.

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    Hey alexis, my name is Brandon and my girlfriend And I both r in Sacramento and r finding out the sex of our baby that Thursday at 11AM, what time r u leaving, can u meet in sac, and do u have car camping, r my main ???'s
    I'm 24 and my gf is 22 and it's my second coachella and my gf's 1st my iPad can carry an awesome soundtrack on the way down and I have food stamps so we can stop on the way and grab sum goods!!

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