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Thread: Registered wristband...can i sell?

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    Default Registered wristband...can i sell?

    i registered my wristband when I first received it and I have to work. Can I still sell it? Weekend one.

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    Default Re: Registered wristband...can i sell?

    Anything is possible if you put your mind to it

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    Default Re: Registered wristband...can i sell?

    yes you can! i called the help line and they said it was just for social purposes. its only to connect it to facebook so you can "check in" and stuff like that. but they aren't going to be checking IDs with the registered names on the wrist bands. HOWEVER, if you have a car camping pass they said that that must be connected to the wristbands. they have to be purchased together to be valid, or at least thats what they told me.

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    Default Re: Registered wristband...can i sell?

    There is a button that says "connect with different Facebook" when you sign on to, I assume you can unlink your wristband from your Facebook this way so the person doesn't check you in places

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