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Thread: 1 weekend 1 GA + Car camping + Shuttle Pass

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    Default 1 weekend 1 GA + Car camping + Shuttle Pass

    So, I'm literally in tears right now that I have to post this. I've been planning this for months but can no longer afford to go thanks to a dishonest family member who stole nearly $1000 from me. I moved out to NYC since I bought this ticketand dont have enough money for a r/t ticket to and from California, letalone a rental car.

    Sob story aside, I have the above mentioned for sale for a flat $450.

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    Default Re: 1 weekend 1 GA + Car camping + Shuttle Pass

    I need 1 weekend 1 pass but I have shuttle passes. I'm in NYC. Do you have wristband, proof of purchase, blah, blah and have you registered the wristband, yet? So sorry about the scam. I got scammed for tickets as well so now I'm desperate to get my teen age kids their tickets back. Long story-to make up for losing their grandmother which is why we usually went to Palm Springs.
    Anyway-I' m in NYC. Let me know if you'd sell just the wristband/GA pass and if so, how much?

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