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Thread: Want to trade weekend 2 for weekend 1 - I have 2 passes, camping, & companion parking

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    Post Want to trade weekend 2 for weekend 1 - I have 2 passes, camping, & companion parking

    I have weekend 2 and want to trade with someone who has weekend 1. I am looking to do an EVEN TRADE, meaning no one is making a profit. This is what I have:

    2 General Admission passes
    1 car camping spot
    1 companion parking spot

    Ideally, I would like to trade with someone who has the exact same package, however, I realize that's a bit specific. I would settle for 1 pass and 1 car camping spot, but would really like the same package I have, or as close to it as possible. Also, as i'm sure you know, the car camping pass MUST have been purchased with the festival passes or it won't work. Mine were all purchased together, and I'm looking for someone who has the same.

    I haven't registered my wristbands on the Coachella site yet, so you will be able to do that and see that they're legit. I'm really paranoid about getting scammed, so it would be nice if we could meet in person to make sure neither of us are shady. I'm not, but I want to make sure you're not either. =)

    I'm in Los Angeles so someone relativity close would be nice. PM me if you're interested in trading.
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    Default Re: Want to trade weekend 2 for weekend 1 - I have 2 passes, camping, & companion par

    Five people messaged me wanting to swap, I responded, then never heard back from any of them, so I'm trying this again. I now realize I'm not going to find someone who has 2 weekend 1 GA passes, weekend 1 car camping, and weekend 1 companion parking, so I'd be happy to settle for just 2 weekend 1 wristbands and car camping. (I have a friend that can use the companion parking anyway). Worst case scenario, I'd even trade 1 wristband and car camping. Thanks to those of you who contacted me, but can I please find someone who can follow though? = )
    Email me at if you want to trade your weekend 1 for my weekend 2.
    Also, please let me know where you're located and if the wristbands are already registered. Thanks!!!

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