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    I looked through the message board and couldn't find a Wakarusa thread so I've decided to start one. So forgive me if I have overlooked it. It's surprising that there isn't one already to me. This is such an awesome festival, they have an amazing lineup and setup every year for this one. It's on it's 8th year, read up on it here

    Lineup artists that are very neato to me are: Pretty Lights, Primus, Avett Brothers, Umphrey's McGee, Big Gigantic, Beats Antique, and there is just a TON more that look really good. If you are into Jam and Electronica music this festival is filled with it.

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    for the artists interested in going to Wakarusa or just interested in spreading there art work here is something for you, submit your interactive art sculpture to this year's Waka,

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    oh yeah I almost forgot that the price of tickets to this is increasing midnight on April 8th. Just a warning to those of you who are wanting tickets but prefer for them to be cheaper.

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    Volunteer for Wakarusa 2012 anytime before May 8th and you will be entered for a random drawing for a pair of Wakarusa 2013 tickets! You just work 3 shifts and enjoy the rest of the festival for free. Pay a deposit fee for your ticket and get the money back after you complete your work for the festival. That's a great deal! Go to to enter the contest today

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    With The Avett Brothers, the songs are honest: just chords with real voices singing real melodies. But, the heart and the energy with which they are sung, is really why people are talking, and why so many sing along. Sing along at Wakarusa!

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    Cannot believe there isnt another thread on this. I am going to this fest this year and cannot wait. Beats antique and gary clark jr again. wheeeeeeeeeeeee

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    Wakarusa is this weekend and it's not too late to meet all of your friends at the Piano on Mulberry Mountain! Waka is bringing yet another loaded line-up to Ozark inlcluding Pretty Lights, The Avett Brothers, Weir Robinson & Greene Acoustic Trio, Primus, Slightly Stoopid, Umphrey's McGee, Girl Talk, Fitz & the Tantrums, and more!

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    So tell me more about the festivities.

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    I went to Waka last year - had a great time on the mountain. The crowd is way crunchier than Coachella (more hippies, awesome fire juggling/hula hoops, live art, crazy costumes, lots of those sky lanterns, fireworks (mortar shells) set off in main camping, tons of dubstep - stages play all night long). Here are my three most memorable things from the fest: 1. it was hot and humid as a mofo - take a trip to the river just up the road if you go 2. MMJ was awesome 3. Several (at least 4) people tried to sell me ketamine and it was weird.
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    I really want to make it there within the next 3 years
    Quote Originally Posted by mariefbr View Post
    is Beyonce playing on both weekends? i'm confuse and i need to know before i purchase my ticket please. thank you.

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    The Southern Journal of Jam. A mountain that is flat. Fozzie Bear. hippies.

    no thank you.

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    I just got back from this festival. I really enjoyed it however there were some cancellations due to a tornado watch. I def agree with drewbles about more hippies, sky lanterns, fire spinning, etc which is some stuff that I truly enjoyed we do not see as much at coachella. Another perk is that if you camp in the main venue camping area, you can pretty much hear music all day from your campsite.

    Some unique festivities not at Cochella: sunday morning drum circle put on by the drummer of a group called 'Quixotic'. Huge water slide (this year it rained 4/5 days so I did not utilize this as much), lots of vendors selling cloths, art, etc.

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