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    What are your Monday horror stories or what are the worst you've heard? Have to get back to work? Make a 20 hour drive?

    I have an accounting midterm at 1 the Monday after. I've already accepted the inevitable F.

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    Girlfriend lost her keys to the van the night before, took several hours for a locksmith to come by with another key last year. Not that bad because we scavenged a bunch of brand new camping supplies left by international travelers
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    Thought this said Of Mice & Men. Now THAT'S a scary thought...
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    Just don't schedule them anywhere near White Rabbits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zach1 View Post
    I have an accounting midterm at 1 the Monday after. I've already accepted the inevitable F.
    I had the exact same scenario after Sasquatch last year. Going into the midterm I was more worried about not puking than passing. To my surprise I got 99% (highest mark in the class / my best midterm ever). Proudest moment of my university career!
    I'll wait til after their set to pass judgements, really have no idea how it's going to be. If it features drum & bass, and no Skrillex, it's a win... If it's like the shows they've been playing recently, then yes, I'll ride my fixie to the art show and post hate messages via my Macintosh laptop while sipping on a really good local beer you've probably never heard of.

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