Okay, well, April 27th is actually my 18th birthday, so I'm REALLY in luck, because my parents want to do something extra special for my 18th, and I told them this was it. They seemed pretty optimistic about it. Now I check ticket prices, and I'm a little scared, but dammit, I want to go, and I will make this work.

Basically, I want to get 3-day tickets. That'd be about $300, right? Now, I want the camping permit, so that is another $45. Now here's a question; do you have to buy a camping permit with every ticket? So say I get 4 3 day tickets, would I have to get 4 camping permits?

I'm thinking my folks will give me a bit of money for the rest of that, so I'm thinking of budgeting $500. I don't eat much, and I only plan on buying an Arcade Fire shirt if they have one, so merch doesn't mean much to me.

Also, I'm a bit unfamiliar with this obviously. If people buy their tickets serepately (say I buy mine with a camping permit one week, then my friend buys his with a permit the week later) will they still be able to camp together?