My friend invited me to Coachella, but she had already started paying for her ticket the previous yr. (at the time I wasn't even aware that was an option) She got her ticket for weekend 1 obviously, but by the time I looked into it they were all sold out and only had Weekend 2 available through the Coachella website. However, every ounce of my SOUL told me I belong at Coachella and that I had to just go for it regardless... LOL, so I started planning my trip with my bro, but he couldn't take off of work that weekend Either way, I know the vibe and energy will be something that I will just fit right in at. So solo trip it is... Music is my escape and I honestly don't need anyone to have a good time; all I need are the tunes that take over my being! LOL, YES I'm a bit weird and goofy but aren't we all!? LOL any who, get at me if you'd liked to chill and make a new friend #PEACE # LOVE #MUSIC