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    All i have to say is that he makes it look easy

    im gunna be free styling at his set

    more peope pushin pads at coachella

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    Really, really excited to see this set as long as he keeps the Skrillex shit (the routine he does in that one video) at a minimum.

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    i want to know what kind of watch hes wearing
    Quote Originally Posted by Radiohead View Post
    I've done a lot of things at music festivals in my day. And like most people, sure, I've fingered some butt holes during LCD Soundsystem. No big.

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    Araabmuzik was one of the highlights for me this weekend. He was awesome very nice beats and good to dance to with a girl or just yourself. He mixed the tracks up perfectly and was a good time. I wish I took some recordings but my phone was dead, the crowd was also very into him. Oooo ya and he was rocking a Los angeles lakers hat. +10 for that.

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