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Did you go? And what makes you think it's Maynard's cash grab more than the other members?

Edit: Granted, any one-off festival gig could be considered a cash grab.
No need to go to this one. You're right that it's a cash grab for all but I've just gotten used to blaming Maynard for all my Tool gripes. Plus, the rest of the band is always willing to play older, more obscure stuff that would have made this one off special. Maynard is the one that has given up on singing all those songs. So it does kinda feel like his fault right? The last tour did teach me one major thing. It's not that Maynard doesn't specifically want to sing the old stuff, it's that he can't anymore. The reason he chose to bring back Hooker and Ticks was two fold, one, he could use his voice box and two, as a response to all the bitching about not playing the old stuff. The lyrics to those two sum it up perfectly.