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Thread: New pedestrian plan kills "Secret Garden" parking, right?

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    Default New pedestrian plan kills "Secret Garden" parking, right?

    We've been using the "Secret Garden" lot the last few years (don't mind a little extra walk at the beginning of the day to avoid the total traffic cluster@&#% getting out of the official lots at the end of the day). Looks like the new pedestrian plan with no foot traffic at all on Monroe borks that lot completely, as we'd need to walk up to 49th or down to 52nd along Monroe to be able to cut west and around into the venue? Can't cut N just E of Monroe to get to 49th as I think that's a huge gated commmunity, and there doesn't seem to be an easy way S just E of Monroe either (plus no way in 1/2 way between 51st and 52nd anymore).

    Was "normal" parking better last year, with all the shuttles and whatnot alleviating some of the pressure?

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    Default Re: New pedestrian plan kills "Secret Garden" parking, right?

    I never heard of the secret garden lot. Too bad too cause we would have used it. Last year on Friday night it took us over two hours to get out of day parking. We actually re-parked our car and slept until we could leave. Saturday was better, but if there was another parking option I'd use it.

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    Default Re: New pedestrian plan kills "Secret Garden" parking, right?

    Normal parking was much better last year than in 2010. That year, they clearly weren't prepared for the huge crowd. Last year, it took us 40 minutes, 30 minutes and 25 minutes to get out, respectively.

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