Hi All -
I haven't combed through the threads fully, so maybe you can direct me to the info. if already posted.

My car camping friends will be arriving Thursday, early evening. I will be arriving closer to midnight or later to park in the companion lot.

Question 1: anybody with previous experiences that can validate this will be okay?

Question 2: last year ('11) I was in line for car camping and it trickled back that security shut down entry, yellow coats running around, had us wait until we expressed our disagreement (as a mass), then reopened. Please link me on expected times for entry closure to the companion lot. If this poses complications, I'll need to contact someone for an exemption due to my late arrival.

Question 3: when purchasing a companion pass, what is needed? That is, does my friend with the camping pass have to call it in and purchase a companion pass for my car? Or can I just call up to get one? When I have a chance, I'll call the 512-SHOW number this afternoon to get full details, but had a chance to log this on the board in case others had the same curiosities.

Many thanks in advance,