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Thread: Free Press Summer Fest 2012

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    Default Free Press Summer Fest 2012

    Been to this before and its a great little fest in Houston.

    This year's lineup is amazing and price is just $65.

    Willie Nelson
    Snoop Dogg
    Avett Brothers
    Flaming Lips playing DSOTM
    Major Lazer
    Young the Giant
    lots more
    Hello my name is Johnny Polite and they are going to kill me...
    Concert Calendar:
    Burning Hotels 1.14 | The Kills 1.23 | Adam Ant 2.7 | Girls 3.9 | Dr. Dog 3.11 | Neon Indian 3.13 | Andrew Bird 3.15| Band of Skulls 3.17

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    Default Re: Free Press Summer Fest 2012

    I resent that I keep on reading this thread title as "French Press," and subsequently I keep on craving coffee.

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    Default Re: Free Press Summer Fest 2012

    Bought a weekend pass to this for $20 last summer

    Quote Originally Posted by weeklymix View Post
    This is being taken care of.

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