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Thread: Jeff Lynne releases "Long Wave" this week

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    Default Jeff Lynne releases "Long Wave" this week

    Can't wait to take listen to it. The new documentary on Palladia is awesome. But I am really sad to hear he won't be touring.

    "Electric Light Orchestra singer Jeff Lynne has been busy over the past year, re-recording past favorites for the ‘Mr. Blue Sky’ album as well as taking on a number of older standards for the companion disc, ‘Long Wave.’ Despite the wealth of new music, it’s likely that Lynne will not be touring.

    The singer tells L.A. Weekly, “I don’t actually like touring. I’m very grateful for all of the success. It was marvelous, but I had enough. I just want to be in the studio. When you’ve got all the gear you want in your own house, it’s difficult to go out and do something else, you know?”

    Lynne has definitely made the most of that home environment, revisiting a number of the band’s classic tracks for their 40th anniversary. The singer says that most of the re-recorded songs were done on his own and brought back a lot of great memories of when they were initially recorded. “I just love playing all the instruments and going back and thinking, ‘F—ing hell, I did all that,” says Lynne.

    As for the ‘Long Wave’ collection, the set includes such old time favorites as Etta James’ ‘At Last’ and the Four Aces’ ‘Love Is a Many Splendored Thing,’ among others. Lynne says he had a hate/love relationship with the songs on the record, growing up not liking the music his father played, but accepting it over time. He explains, “I kind of hated it when I was a kid, but all these years later, I get all of this old stuff. Without being too slushy about it, I’ve never heard songwriting as good.”

    ‘Mr. Blue Sky – The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra’ and ‘Long Wave‘ are both in stores this week."
    Superfan will be in front of the Fonda masturbating furiously to a photo of him taking a photo of a band. Set is from 8:05 to approximately 8:05:15. Guest list only.

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    Default Re: Jeff Lynne releases "Long Wave" this week

    love ELO
    Quote Originally Posted by Pee Wee Herman's Hermits View Post
    Melted my face off at Skrillex

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