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    Default HARD Vegas 2012

    Would this mark the beginning of HARD fest in Vegas?
    It's a good start , but that venue sucks! Over-overpriced and waaay to small!
    Do you guys see a full scale HARD fest happening anytime soon after this ?
    Apologies for the small pic , Im doing this at work , with my cellphone.
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    Isn't it like $30? I'd hardly call that expensive. Comparing to $50+ to go to marquee/XS to listen to cheese/top 40. festival? It's a club night. Maybe they're bringing their brand to Haze. A la marquee with kaskade avicii atb etc. who knows.

    Oh and I heard lovefest Vegas sucked so... I just don't see your common person going to a hardfest when they wanna see the commercial djs that spin every Friday and Saturday night.
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    When will Gary Richards stop putting himself on every fucking bill?
    Quote Originally Posted by Newro7ic View Post
    Lakers fans are some of the most delusional people in the world, I swear.
    my name is casey. i love pavement and i want to pet every dog in the world.

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    Default Re: HARD Vegas 2012

    It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't stop every minute and ask the audience who's going to his next event.

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