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Thread: Coachella 2012 Spotify Playlist!

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    Default Coachella 2012 Spotify Playlist!

    So instead of downloading everything or just going on youtube, use these Spotify playlists to have basically all the artists and 3-16 of their songs all in one place! All thanks go to Ryan Milani for creating these!

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    Default Re: Coachella 2012 Spotify Playlist!

    I have 1 Coachella playlist for each day (with at least 1 song from every artist, but if I could fine it I have at least 5 songs for every artist + more for my faves). - Friday - Saturday - Sunday

    Edit: I haven't deleted any artists if they were removed from the lineup. Did a check about a week and a half ago, but haven't checked since.

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    Default Re: Coachella 2012 Spotify Playlist!

    Who the eff is Ryan Milani?

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