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    Has anyone else been watching this show? This is my first time watching a David Milch show, but I've fallen pretty hard for it. The combination of the interesting horse racing world, the great writing and the bone-deep compassion at the heart of this show is really thrilling. The most recent episode had a sequence in it that was as thrilling and masterful to me as anything I saw on TV or in the theaters in 2011. Highly recommend this show.
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    Well that didn't last long. Too bad, I was starting to get into this one. Can they just bring back Deadwood already?

    HBO cancels 'Luck' after third horse dies

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    Sad. I thought the show was great. Poor animals.
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    yeah, shame about the show getting cancelled, bigger shame about the animals. i'm a couple episodes behind right now but have been enjoying the series so far and was looking forward to more.

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