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    Hi guys,

    My wife and I are heading to Coachella (Weekend 2) for the first time, we have our accomodation booked, shuttle passes paid for, but missed out on tickets .

    My question is I want to buy tickets from Stubhub (just sounds a bit more secure), although i'm not sure where to post them too? as i can't send them to Australia (please dont hold this against me! ).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, we are really looking forward to it, but just really want to get this ticket situation sorted!

    Cheers Sam.

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    Default Re: Buying Tickets - Postage Issues...

    I am traveling from abroad and not sure where exactly I will be in March. Where should I have my order shipped?

    International Orders (excluding Mexico and Canada) may select the Will Call option to pick up their passes at an offsite location near the festival.

    Maybe the seller can set it up at will call for you. Or you can have them sent to yours truly and I will keep them safe.

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