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Thread: lollapalooza this year... In Chile. Any of you ever been?

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    Default lollapalooza this year... In Chile. Any of you ever been?

    My friend Kelly and I are more than likely going to Lolla Chile this year.

    Any advice on good hotels/hostels and what not?

    any advice welcome.
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    Default Re: lollapalooza this year... In Chile. Any of you ever been?

    I stayed at Hotel Eurotel Providencia in 2008. It is good no frills hotel. I have no idea on proximity to Lolla venue, but I liked the neighborhood it is in. Santiago is pretty easy to get around in. Get a Bip card for the subway. Eat a bunch of completos. Do a trip to Valparaiso if you have the time.

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    Default Re: lollapalooza this year... In Chile. Any of you ever been?

    Yeah, I live in Santiago and last years edition was awesome. Some problems in one indoor stage (packed and could not get in) but that should be solved this year. The best thing you can do is check tripadvisor for hotels and hostels. The best neighborhoods to stay are Providencia (which should take 20 minutes to get to the festival by subway) its close to everything interesting in the city. Bellavista is another attractive bohemian place where you can find good and cheap places to stay, but it isn't too close to the subway. The city center between La Moneda and Baquedano subway stations is also nice (15 minutes to the venue by subway). I would not recommend staying real close to the venue since there isn't too much do to and its not the safest and prettiest neighborhood. And like the other guy said buy a bip card. I'll be going again this year so any questions just message me!

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: lollapalooza this year... In Chile. Any of you ever been?

    There is a thread on the Lolla of their members chronicled everything. I read it last year and it was really informative. I'll see if I can find it for you.

    EDIT: here you go -
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    Default Re: lollapalooza this year... In Chile. Any of you ever been?

    Hostels are the way to go, unless you can shell out the cash for a hotel. I lived in Chile for years, and I miss Santiago with all my heart. The closest neighborhood with hostels and night life is in Barrio Brazil, super hip hostels for cheap, but not very safe at night. I'd say Providencia 2nd choice, because it's upper class and tons to do. DO NOT PARTY on Calle Suecia. It's gross and dirty and full of roofies. Party in Bella Vista instead. Way more fun, and ask around for the after-parties called clan-destinos. Totally eat your heart out with Completos yet, don't eat the meat on the street. My very favorite was Big Pan. Yummmy.
    Pisco is for the end of the night ONLY, or you'll have a headache ALL day and night after. Yes get a Bip card, it's like a metro card in NY, and in the summer it gets really sweaty, so be prepared to get smothered. Pick pockets are a big problem. Don't look like a tourist, and don't wear any tech stuff visibly, you'll get a knife to your back and have it stolen in 10 seconds or less. They won't stab you, they'll just nick you for your shit. Always ask the taxi driver how much it costs before you get in. They're really good at ripping off drunks. Locals or not.
    As far as lolla, the grounds for it is dirt and pavement, not much grass. I used to go to that area every year for the parade, and I remember how dusty I'd get.

    There's a stupid $100US entrance fee at the airport, and there's no getting around it.
    Other than that, have way too much fun. Listen to Radio Horizonte if you ever get a chance. they do all kinds of coverage for Lollapallooza, and the music is awesome. And totally make it to Valparaiso. It's a boozer's paradise. I've been a million times and I still don't know it by daylight. Take back some wine and pisco home with you!
    A quick word on Chileans. We don't speak spanish to each other. It's a weird butchered kind of dialect. Get a book called "how to survive in the chilean jungle" it helps. They talk real fast, and things are quick, like NY, so be ready! Also, we're nosy because we care. People get all up in your biz because they're trying to figure you out, then befriend you. It looks rude, but it isn't. A smile goes a long long long way. And, we don't need any excuse to party. We whistle, clap, make jokes about everything. Don't criticize, join the fun. I hated it at first, because I thought it was tacky and rude. But then I realized how tight people are there, and that's awesome.
    I'm so jealous of you guys going to Lolla Chile! I'd give my left titty to see Bjork with my homegirls, and egg on some old pals that are playing. Clap extra hard for the locals for me.

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