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Thread: The Coachella Dome

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    Default The Coachella Dome

    Hey not looking to get flamed here but saw La'Reda (A LA electro group) tweet this!/La_REDA/statu...74951470329857

    Not saying this confirms anything, just makes the possibility more real.

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    hrmm, this is promising. Its either the heineken dome, do lab or hopefully a full on dome like previous years.

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    Very interesting. I doubt these guys would play in the Heineken dome, wrong genre (based on all of 30 seconds of research). My guess either is there is a legit dome, this is for after hours entertainment in campground (in a dome), or at the Do Lab. I'm thinking after hours but I don't know any more than anyone else on here.
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    I just took a look at their website and it looks like they played the do lab last year. Maybe thats what this is.

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