This isn't 100% available, but posting it here to see if I'll even be able to generate interest. That way, I can light a fire under the ass of the people who are now saying they might not be able to go.

I have a room at Marriott's Shadow Ridge villas in Palm Desert. Sleeps 4 people if you all have a bed, but you can definitely fit 5. No more, though. There's a small kitchenette — but this is more of a studio. (I wasn't able to get a villa room, so they gave me two studios instead.)

Since this is through my family's timeshares, I've already paid for this. If you're interested, I can work out a price with you — but it will be cheaper than staying 3 nights at a hotel, I promise.

Serious inquiries only. You'd have to get there on Thursday or Friday AM before the festival to get the room keys from me.