Hey Weekend 2 Campers!,

New to the board here normally just read and never contribute, but I wanted to get on here to let you guys know and get excited that our camping spot (which will actually be 2 or 3 spots*) WEEKEND 2! will be having music played by our very own camping spot attendee "DJ hOwl?", he will be spinning all (probably unattainable, but we'll try) the music that you wish was being played in the Sahara tent!

The music will be being played out of my CRV...... Go on you can laugh now......... Ok now stop laughing, because my CRV happens to have this -

Alpine CDA-9887 Headunit

Focal K2P165UV Component Speakers running off 225 watts each

15" Fi Q subwoofer powered by 1200 watts

"But what music will you guys be playing?!? Will it just be more cheese-house and brostep?!"

"NO! NO IT WILL NOT! Do you want UK Bass music? Do you want some Dirtybird? Do you need a little Minimal? How about some goodie goodie Techno? What about Dubstep that doesn't suck? GOOD! Because that is what you will get! ..Maybe even a little Trance if we are feeling gay enough!!!"

He will be hooking up his laptop to the Aux port on my headunit and running Traktor 2 with his MIDI through my car stereo.. I promise you that this system is PLENTY loud for a small area and sounds AMAZING and I invite you guys to join in the dance party that should be happening in the REAL tents.

Be on the lookout! JUST DON'T TOUCH THE DISCO BALL!!

*we have the right to refuse dance space to anyone inside of our designated camping spots (mainly if you smell and have too much back hair visible)