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Thread: Best EDM experience of all time at 'Chella

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    Default Re: Best EDM experience of all time at 'Chella

    Gorillex: The Worst Alias™
    Quote Originally Posted by ruetheday View Post
    I don't fucking care. I don't even know who the hell Dave Wang is.
    Quote Originally Posted by Devin the Dude View Post
    you used to be that guy that just Dave Wang's everybody. that guy. he's gone now, and whoever you really are showed up, and that was utter disappointment.

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    Default Re: Best EDM experience of all time at 'Chella

    Quote Originally Posted by malcolmjamalawesome View Post
    Gorillex: The Worst Alias™
    Anyone figure out who this is yet? I thought it was you MJA hahaha
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    Default Re: Best EDM experience of all time at 'Chella

    chemical bros has some awesome visuals...maybe some of the best
    bassnectar was sick too..

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    Default Re: Best EDM experience of all time at 'Chella

    not sure if you consider that sphongle dj set EDM, even though it was in the sarah, but ya sphongle dj set 2011 best ive seen at coachella aside the chem bros 2011
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    Default Re: Best EDM experience of all time at 'Chella

    Best EDM experience was Underworld in 2003 for me. However, this was the only year I attended so I don't have much to compare to.

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