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Thread: Hangout Music Fest (Gulf Shores)

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    Default Hangout Music Fest (Gulf Shores)

    Here's the deal here. This festival has revolutionized the way in which festivals conduct their business.

    #1 : they do not charge for water... you can bring in your own water bottles!!!! yeah that's right coachella, and this isn't even the friggin desert.

    #2 : the festival is on the beach with entry and re-entry privileges in downtown gulf shores ::: bars... Hooters... seafood restaurants.. all with regular priced drinks and food at your fingertips... no 7 dollar beers and limited crappy sojo drinks. I can't really explain how awesome this is. i couldn't get over it the entire festival.

    #3 : There are condos and beach houses surrounding the entire festival that allows for walking access straight from your hotel or beach party. The beach erupts with life and afterparty festivities that allowed for the best time of my life...

    #4 : did i say you're on a beautiful white sanded beach with The Flaming Lips.... Shpongle... and The Red Hot Chili Peppers with no pat-downs or obscene security procedures with the ability to bring your own water, and purchase a large variety of drinks, cocktails and food at regular prices with in and out priveleges... its too good. this sets the bar despite who is playing. Alabama is also dirt cheap. just go and thank me later.

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    Default Re: Hangout Music Fest (Gulf Shores)

    You can bring in a water bottle and fill it up in Coachella for free... but first and formost the lineup BLOWS and you're stuck in the South, not in California. Pass...

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    Default Re: Hangout Music Fest (Gulf Shores)

    This has to be just the initial lineup for this right? Unless it's just one stage I don't think this is enough music to cover 3 full days.

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    Default Re: Hangout Music Fest (Gulf Shores)

    Alabama, lololol

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    Default Re: Hangout Music Fest (Gulf Shores)

    Quote Originally Posted by hangthedj112 View Post
    Alabama, lololol
    As a whole, yes it's a joke. But who wouldn't like for Coachella's lineup to be on this

    Quote Originally Posted by mariefbr View Post
    is Beyonce playing on both weekends? i'm confuse and i need to know before i purchase my ticket please. thank you.

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    Default Re: Hangout Music Fest (Gulf Shores)

    General Admission passes are sold out.

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    Default Re: Hangout Music Fest (Gulf Shores)

    This is basically going to be half White Stripes set! Jack getting 2.5 hours! Wilco right before him...

    5/15 Deerhunter @ Elsewhere
    5/18 Kid Koala @ Elsewhere
    5/18 Umfang/Volvox @ Unter
    5/19 Animal Collective/Flying Lotus/Jon Hopkins @ BK Steel
    5/19 Marco Shuttle @ Nowadays

    Quote Originally Posted by guedita View Post
    Help me decide what to wear to the show I'm going to tonight, everyone. I'll post pics of my six different potential outfits in a second.
    Quote Originally Posted by bmack86 View Post
    What is it about a band you love unconditionally that makes you adore them? Otherwise I'm going to just rip all over your shitty taste in bad bands.

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    Default Re: Hangout Music Fest (Gulf Shores)

    Wilco should have gotten 2.5 hrs...

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    Default Re: Hangout Music Fest (Gulf Shores)

    This looks pretty cool

    Quote Originally Posted by Pee Wee Herman's Hermits View Post
    Melted my face off at Skrillex

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    Default Re: Hangout Music Fest (Gulf Shores)

    Looks awesome. Too bad it's in Alabama.

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    Default Re: Hangout Music Fest (Gulf Shores)

    Who puts this on? It looks great

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    Default Re: Hangout Music Fest (Gulf Shores)

    Have fun in Alabama... EWW, I would like never step foot in that pathetic state OMG!!!

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    Default Re: Hangout Music Fest (Gulf Shores)

    Looks like we're in for stormy weather ...

    2018 schedule ...

    ... plus Thursday night.

    My guess is, the rain will follow me back home for Boston Calling the next weekend.
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