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    Hey, can anyone confirm whether it is a legitimate plan to have the seller change the delivery address for the passes? I have been talking to a potential seller who wants to change the delivery address on the tickets after I pay for them. First, can anyone confirm that this is possible, and second, is there a way to make this a secure transaction?

    Thanks for your help.

    - Doug

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    The problem is changing the shipping address does not change the "account ownership" so there's nothing to prevent the account owner/seller from changing the shipping address more than once. You can try getting a website log-in to monitor changes but you can't expect Frontgate to be in the middle of your transaction.

    Why not just wait until the seller physically has the passes and use PayPal? It's not entirely risk-free but buying passes from a third party never is. Is the seller saying they have to change the address or the passes will be held at will call?

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    I'm going through the same scenario. I asked the seller if I can have access to her FrontGate page. We'll see what happens. If she allows me access, then I'll be using PayPal as a "secure" method of payment. This way, if anything changes without my knowledge, I can always get my money back.

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