These guys are an amazing freak folk band from 1971. They've only released two albums but they were solid albums. Their first album, First Utterance, is full of the standard folk instrumentals including acoustic guitars, violin, and flute, but it's mixed with wild vocal work and lyrical themes of what seems to be violent monster rape and shock therapy. The second album, To Keep From Crying, wasn't as great as a whole but there were definitely some gems in there. Both albums totally under appreciated during their time.

Anyways, they regrouped in 2008 and are currently touring now. They don't have many shows scheduled. They're playing in Japan tomorrow. So yeah... Goldenvoice, please book them either as an addition for 2012 or 2013! They still sound fantastic live. Here's some videos.

Song to Comus (First Utterance)

Figure in your Dreams (one of the gems from To Keep From Crying)

and to convince you that they can bring it live here's a recording from their performance at Melloboat in 2008. Their first show in 20 years and they don't sound rusty at all!