Hello everybody,

since I am going to fly in for the event from overseas (Berlin), I decided to go for “the full thing”, when there seemed to be no chance to actually get a ticket via standing in virtual line forever. ;-)

That way I became a happy owner of a travel package incl. a double room at the “Marriott Shadow Ridge Villas at Rancho Mirage” (see package on this site).
I am looking to share the place – it says it’s for up to 4 people, but I am also happy when it’s just 1 more person next to me (YOU) or 2 (YOU and a friend).

I can give you the option of 1 GA-pass and/or 1 Shuttle-pass as well, but it’s not a must.
Interested? Anybody? ;-)

Looking forward to hearing from you,

P.s.: preferring direct messages to concrete our communication