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Thread: Times of Day That Coachella 2012 Artists Sing/Rap About

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    Default Times of Day That Coachella 2012 Artists Sing/Rap About

    This will apparently help us determine when that act will play.

    Quote Originally Posted by travelfan View Post
    When an act is billed that high, is a big get (their/his first US performance), and not only fucking sounds like nighttime, but also the narrative to all their/his songs take place during nighttime, then of course it is worth Goldenvoice's time to think about it.

    Does anybody else in this thread think The Weeknd on during the day is even a remote possibility?
    I'll go first. The narratives of both "The Chronic" and "Doggystyle" primarily took place during the day if you've seen most of the music videos that came from the albums. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg will probably play on the main at 4pm because of this.

    Kaiser Chiefs has a song called "Saturday Night," so I think they'll play at night. They also have a song called "Heat Dies Down," which probably means a sunset slot.


    The Black Keys: 3:30 - Main
    Breakbot: 10pm - Sahara
    Frank Ocean: 4pm - Mojave
    M83: TBD
    Yuck: 2:30pm - Outdoor


    Azealia Banks: 6pm - Gobi
    Kaiser Chiefs: 7:30pm - Outdoor
    Martin Solveig: 12pm - Sahara
    Radiohead: 12pm - Main
    Squeeze: 10am - Campground


    At the Drive-In: Midnight - Outdoor
    AVICII: 1:08am - Sahara
    DJ Shadow: 5pm - Outdoor
    Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg: 4pm - Main
    First Aid Kit: 2pm - Gobi
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