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Thread: Forum Notifications Severely Delayed

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    Default Forum Notifications Severely Delayed

    Not sure if anyone else is having this issue, but for the last several weeks (months?), I haven't been getting forum notifications until days after the relevant post. I'm subscribed to instant notifications for quite a few threads (Upcoming Shows, Kimmel, etc), and I now get my "instant" emails 2-3 days after. Same with PMs--my last received PM was on 5/11, and I just got the email a few minutes ago.

    Are others having this issue?

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    Default Re: Forum Notifications Severely Delayed

    Also notifications for PMs don't come through for days.

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    Default Re: Forum Notifications Severely Delayed

    Same problem here.
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    Default Re: Forum Notifications Severely Delayed

    Had the same problem when I was trying to sell my GA pass. WTF??
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    Default Re: Forum Notifications Severely Delayed

    It's site wide. I'm sure issues between VBulletin and whatever servers they're on.

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