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Always give away drugs. I never sell anything and it annoys mE when people ask.
Twice as annoying when they approach you later or the next day and ask again.
I love making someone's day though. Sharing is caring.

When people ask me for shit unusually tell them I'm not a drug dealer but you can have a bud. Then they ask for papers lol. Funny watching people try to roll a joint when they are all geeked out on x. Spazin and sweaty hahaha. They just want to get stoned to calm down but even when you give them papers or a pipe they look at it like its foreign.

These moments make me smile.

I love all those little things like that. All the awkward moments at 4 am. Watching people have a conversation for 2-3 min and not know what the other is talking about. Or just catching someone do some wierd shit. I wish I had a highlight video of all the wierd shit that has went between 3-6 am sometimes.