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I stopped using a debit card a long time ago, for this reason. I use credit cards exclusively. If that gets compromised somehow, I have a lot more protections than using a debit card. My wife had her account compromised a couple of times recently. They bought a fancy coffeemaker or something. Messed up. She got her money back, but it sucks to have that happen. *knocks on wood*
In regards to fraud, you have the same protections regardless of how you make any electronic payment in the US (Reg E). A credit card could give you more protection if, for example, they offer to give you a warranty over and above the manufacturer's.

I got a call from my bank (where I also work) this week regarding fraudulent activity on my debit card, but there wasn't any. Normally a large company will save face and say there was a breach- if only to lessen law suits.

Zappos also had a huge security breach this month.. Maybe everyone that buys coachella tickets also buys shit from zappos?