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Thread: Safety in Desert Hot Springs?

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    Default Safety in Desert Hot Springs?


    I'm a single female seeking a hotel room and the only anywhere-near-reasonable price and distance I can find is at the CJ Grand (formerly Crystal Spa and Resort I guess) in Desert Hot Springs, which I was just told was an unsafe area. Any advice or suggestions (besides camping) for a room under $100 a night would be much appreciated.

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    Don't stay in Desert Hot Springs. There is only decent place there, it's an Indian Spa that is very expensive. The rest of the places are just plain nasty & very unsafe.
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    Ok gaypalmsprings guy! I keep striking out with you... any suggestions for a reasonably priced room anywhere up to an hour away?

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    what about yucca valley?

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    Palm Desert is good if you can find a room. Just keep calling the motel 6 at I-10 and Varner/washington every single day. People drop their rooms every now & then. You're bound to get one. Or offer to drop the clerk and extra $20 if they call you the minute someone cancells their reservation...
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    For the money camping is your best bet. I heard nothing but bad things about the area. Prostitution, drugs, meth labs! It's a no, no

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    desert hot springs is the GHETTO...
    if you want NICE and safe you are going to HAVE to spend more $$ for sure...
    i did make a recomendation for a spot in another thread it's @ check that out... it's a nice boutique hotel/spa
    EXPENSIVE but NICE... some of the rooms have jacuzzi spas & overlook the strip in palm springs
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