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Thread: Singlechella 2012

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    Quote Originally Posted by psychic friend View Post
    singlechella fail for me. meh
    This has to be because you are picky or something.

    Your fucking cute as a button.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frizzlefry View Post
    It was a different experience going solo for most of the festival, can't get over how many bands I got to see this year though, fucking wonderful
    so true! i went alone in '10 for the first time and i saw sooooooooo many bands. i probably walked the fields more that weekend than the past two years combined. it can suck to be alone at times, especially when you have no friends to relive particular sets with (fever ray, sigh) but the freedom is so wonderful

    if they do double weekends again next year i'll likely go to both and go solo one weekend

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